Our Location

Colorado Springs (aka Olympic City USA) and the Pikes Peak Region are centrally located in Colorado, one of the top-10 healthiest states in the nation. Our area is not only attractive for outdoor enthusiasts, but also has a longstanding history of being a place where people come to restore their health.

As far back as the late 19th century, health tourists have been taking advantage of our favorable climate and its abundant sunshine to heal from various conditions, initially with a focus on respiratory ailments and tuberculosis. For additional historical details, please watch the video below:

Today our region features top-notch medical facilities staffed with authorities in their respective fields, along with a growing team of forward-thinking holistic-health professionals with expertise in integrative, functional, regenerative, naturopathic, and complementary-and-alternative medicine.

You will find a wide range of services offered by a diverse group of licensed providers, certified practitioners, coaches, educators and teachers, all conveniently accessible in the same geographic area. Visitors and locals alike can reap the benefits of innovative, personalized, proactive approaches to optimizing health and well-being.

To ensure consistency and continuity of care, a range of options for remotely managed follow-up services are available as well.